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School of Science

The school of Science is one of the four schools in Alupe University College. We offer programmes specifically designed to address challenges in the present dynamic world. Our students are trained on a wide range of science and non-science carriers to enable them develop unique capabilities that each of them possess. Our strong collaborations with other science based institutions such as the Kenya Medical Research Institution (KEMRI), Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) offers our students a unique opportunity to get exposed to real life and hands on training in their areas of specialization. During the course of the degree, students develop deep discipline specific knowledge as well as the skills required for graduate level employment and further academic and personal development. 

Critical thinking, complex and creative problem solving, active learning, and interpersonal skills are developed through classroom, laboratory, and field experiences with academics who are committed to sharing their experience and passion for science with students. Furthermore, the school offers a unique interpersonal experience with learners where each student is attached to an academic advisor in the school to ensure that the students are properly trained both academically and in all other aspects of life.

The School has fully functional equipped laboratory facilities and specialized equipment for each of the departments.

School offers

The School offers the following programmes for both undergraduate and postgraduate students:
a) Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
b) Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics with Computing
c) Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
d) Bachelor of Science in Parasitology.

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School of Science is a complete, student-oriented school where research, skills and education are
closely integrated.
 To create and effectively disseminate fundamental knowledge about science and
 To contribute to society by transforming lives through the pursuit of education, learning,
and research at the highest international levels of excellence.

Our Powerful Staff

Our staff are highly trained in their areas of specialization as demonstrated through their regular contribution towards research conducted in both local and  international laboratories and  publish in class A journals. Therefore, our staff are able to teach and mentor students at all levels, which ensure  students receive a world class training.